Citizens Insurance to Reduce Policyholders

Keep a close eye on the mail over the next month, the largest property insurer in Florida is looking to drop nearly 400,000 policies as soon as November.

“Citizens needs to go back to becoming the insurance company of last resort. I want to make sure that everybody understands the risk of Citizens the fact your subject to a hurricane tax assessment,” said Governor Scott.

Governor Rick Scott has been a major supporter of downsizing Citizens’ Property Insurance. Supporters and challengers want homeowners to check with insurance agents to make sure people are getting the best bang for their buck.

“Citizens has no business being the largest insurance company in the state of Florida. We want these policies in other companies, the issue is people don’t know where to look,” said Sean Shaw.

“I tell consumers all day. Read the letter. Read every line in it. It may look like junk mail. But open and read it and discuss it with an insurance agent,” said Lisa Miller.

Starting January 1st, homeowners applying for Citizens for the first time will be required to use private insurance first as long as its within 15% of Citizens’ rates.

Policyholders seeking renewal with Citizens will be forced to use a private insurer if they receive a private-market offer at the same price or less.

“Take the offer, come out of Citizens’ which is government insurance company,” said Miller.

“Everyone wants to look at sticker price and says I’m going with cheapest. But, your coverage could be vastly different,” said Shaw.

Policyholders do have a choice. If they elect to leave Citizens’ their new policies may not offer the same level of coverage.

Currently there are 1.2 million policyholders with Citizens’.