City Of Destin Begins Improvement Surveys

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For the first time officials with the city of Destin are reaching out to businesses in an effort to help improve a working relationship.

“We want to ensure the economic vitality of our community. I mean that’s number one, that’s economic development and one of the first things we need to do is make sure our existing businesses are successful” said Destin City Manager Maryann Ustick.

They’re hoping businesses will take part in an online survey on the city’s website.

“It’s a short survey; it’s not going to take too much time. It’s online and we’re going to be mailing out a letter to all businesses again that are within our city limits and asking them to tell us how we’re doing in terms of providing support to them” said Ustick.

City manager Maryann Ustick says the state actually suggested the city reach out to businesses.

“We’re going to ask them questions about our codes and regulations. So it gives them a chance to give us input easily. They don’t have to come to a council meeting; they don’t have to write a letter, they don’t have to make contact. It gives them an easy way to tell us what impact our regulations have on them and our services and requirements” said Ustick.

The city will start mailing out notices about the online survey this week and hopes to connect with every owner

“We think we really need to do this for our businesses it’s been a tough couple of years for them and there may be some things that we can do that will actually improve their businesses and that what we need to hear from them and this is an easy way to do that” said Ustick.

Ustick says they hope to complete the survey by February 15th and conduct one every two years.
There’s also a survey geared to residents. Those surveys will be mailed to residents who are selected at random. Those living within Destin City limits can also fill out a survey at City Hall.

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