City Of Destin Continues Annual Sign Sweep

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Destin city code enforcement officers are making their way around the streets and incorporated properties this week, looking for signs of trouble.

"They seek out compliance is really their goal and to help inform the business community about where signs can be and how many signs” said Community Development Director Ken Gallander.

The city allows signs mounted on buildings, place in the ground, carried by a person, and directional signs of four square long as they have permits. Any others would be a violation of the city sign ordinance. Community Development Director Ken Gallander recommends people visit city hall first before building a sing to make sure they know the rules.

"The first thing that they need to do is to come in and seek whether or not they need a permit for it. We have, it's very extensive. Sign regulations vary within jurisdiction" said Gallander
The city also looks for signs that pose safety hazards.

"If you allow a vast amount of signage you create clutter in the environment and if you're a visitor and you're trying to find the business and there's multiple ground signs that impede one another, we understand everybody needs to advertise their business but if you start cluttering it up you create conflict on the road" said Gallander.
In his 13 years with the city Gallander says he's never had a serious problem with enforcing the code. The city has a top ten list of most common sign violations, the most common of which are signs on the right of way, banners, flashing signs and pennants.

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