City of Callaway Hosts 20th Annual Veteran’s Day Parade

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CALLAWAY -- This year marks the 20th Annual Veteran's Day parade for the city of Callaway. Nearly 80 different groups entered today's parade along Cherry Street.

Organizers also had a treat for spectators and participants afterward at Veteran's Park.

Thousands lined the streets Monday for the Annual Veteran's Day parade.

"I seen fire trucks, cops and (pause) Those cars….Durango's!," said Jake Allen, parade spectator

And that wasn't all. There were dancers, ambulances and most importantly, veterans from all branches.

Veteran Don Anderson said, "It sure is nice talking to the elderly veterans from Vietnam and I saw one guy from World War two."

Anderson is an Air Force veteran. He shows his support to other veterans by attending the parade each year.

“I thank the people that appreciate the veterans and the sacrifices that they make because it is a huge sacrifice," he said.

Once the parade finished veterans and participants ended up at Veterans Park.
Locals joined together to sing the national anthem. Then the crowd gathered around the stage where local bands played.

Event organizers say they cooked and handed out about 1,300 free hot dogs, along with sodas.
But people like Anderson think the most meaningful part of the day was recognizing all veterans.

"A lot of people that don't serve, don't really know it,” Anderson said.

They kind of take freedom for granted. And the guys that have served and you see what they been through, really makes you have a better appreciation for our country and for freedoms we have."

The 20th Veterans Day celebration comes during Callaway's 50th anniversary as a city.