City of DeFuniak Spring Holds 3rd Annual Snowbird Day

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Snowbirds from northern states and Canada came to DeFuniak Springs Thursday to participate in the city's annual snowbird day.

"I think there's the draw to the warmer weather and that attraction,” said Mary Burns, part of the DeFuniak Springs Special Events Committee. “But for us as locals it is a special blessing to have people appreciate what we already appreciate here."

Ten percent of the people who attended Thursday have previously participated in the event.

Burns say she wants visitors to experience not just the beaches, but everything Walton County has to offer.

"Because of many of our businesses that have offers through February and some even until the end of March, we encourage these folks to come back again, and visit us a second time,” said Burns. “But what we found is because we are unique; people do find that out and end up coming back."

Many snowbirds took the historic tour of DeFuniak Springs.

"History is one of my favorite subjects of all time, and I am interested in anything that has to do with history, so I just want to hear the history of this area,” said Betty Meyer, from St. Louis.

"Right now they have 14 inches of snow that fell the day before yesterday right by my home, and that is the best reason I can think of to be down here,” stated Sue Freshour from Michigan.

Burns hopes Thursday’s event will attract more snowbirds to flock to DeFuniak Springs for the winter.

The tour included some of the Victorian homes, the Chautauqua building, the library and Lake DeFuniak.