City of Defuniak Springs Discusses Police Dept. Relocation

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For the past five years Defunaik Springs officials have been discussing the relocation of its police department.

"The building that we're in, it's really old. It's been several different things over the years and we just happen to be the last ones here for the last 15 years. Parking is a big issue for us. That's been a concern, something we've been working on and one of the things we're looking at if we go to a new site."
the old health department building is one of the sites under consideration” said Defuniak Springs City Marshal Mark Weeks.

Defuniak Springs Mayor Bob Campbell says there’s been discussion revolving around renovating or rebuilding on the site.

"Well we did approve the going ahead with the engineering and the architectural drawings and we've had some discussion about instead of trying to pay as we go to go ahead and borrow the money and pay it out over ten years" said Mayor Campbell.

But some council members are proceeding with caution.

"We definitely need a police department. The other one is outdated. It's outgrown and we definitely need one but I feel like we shouldn't jump in and spend too much money on the old to make it better" said Defuniak Springs City Councilman Henry Ennis.

City officials plan to discuss cost, design and location of the project over the next few months, before making any decisions. An architectural firm will soon be submitting design recommendations for the new police station.