City of Parker Receives Water Management Grant

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PARKER -- Parker residents are applauding a $1 million grant from the Northwest Florida Water Management District. The money will go to more drainage and a retention pond. City officials say the improvements will help with a huge flooding problem.

Relief is coming for Parker residents who are tired of flooding in their streets and yards.

Parker Resident Vikki Dalton said, "It rained really bad last summer. It would flood the whole front sidewalk into the driveway across the street it would be the whole front yard. It was pretty bad it was like our own little pond."

But hopefully those days will soon be over for the Dalton's and their neighbors. Parker city engineering is already preparing for the new construction project that will help ease up on rain water flooding.

“A lot of the stuff is underground but it’s so essential and that's part of what the city's responsibility is. So this is one big step that we’re making just to show that we can carry through with our responsibilities,” said Parker Mayor Rich Musgrave.

The mayor hopes to have what he calls "shovels in the ground" in no more than four months. Crews will install underground piping, gutters and build a retention pond. The ultimate goal is to collect the rain water and re-route it back into the gulf.

Mayor Musgrave says the work will not only be beneficial to residents in low-lying areas, but will also protect the environment.
Helping residents like Dalton with their flooding problems is icing on the cake.

"That would be awesome if it actually stops the flooding into the driveways and the sidewalks and I don't have to walk through a pond to get to my mailbox (laughs),” Dalton said.

Mayor Musgrave says the construction should take no longer than nine months total. He's hoping it will be finished well before next year's flood season.