Clarksville Woman Convicted of Making Meth in Her Home

A Calhoun County Circuit Court jury has convicted Angela Vanna Howard of manufacturing methamphetamine while her two sons were in the home with her.

Assistant State Attorney Gary Pack showed jurors during the one-day trial that Howard, 34, of 18985 NW Cook Road, Clarksville, was arrested when two Calhoun County deputies went to her mobile home to serve warrants.

Howard came to the door, left it open behind her and the deputies could see a haze in the room and objects generally used in the manufacture of meth.

They found Howard’s two sons, 14 and 9 years old, in the home as well.

Howard was convicted of manufacture of a controlled substance, child abuse, possession of a listed chemical and possession of a controlled substance. The charges are second and third degree felonies, punishable by 15 and five years in prison.

Howard is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 9.

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