Clary Estate For Sale

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"I deem it as probably one of the most historical estates in Destin" said Realtor John Somers.

Overlooking Joe’s Bayou, the 76-hundred square foot clary home is considered to be one of Destin’s more historic structures.

"The house was built by Roger and Ella clary. Roger was most notably the founding developer of Destin. He was an entrepreneur, had great success with many businesses" said John Somers.

Roger and Ella Clary relocated to the Destin area in the 1960's. A short time after, they began looking for a place to build their home.

"They decided to develop this estate which sits on 3.38 acres on Joe’s Bayou in west Destin” said John Somers.

The water-front home has five bedrooms and bathrooms. In the 1980's the Clary's added a lavish patio and swimming pool with a retractable roof. Roger and Ella Clary's relatives recently decided to sell the home because it's simply not needed any longer.

"The heirs to the estate are you know, they moved on with their lives and have homes elsewhere and so they've done a miraculous job maintaining this enormous estate for the past decade and it's just time to move on" said John Somers.
The sale of the estate is notable because of the Clary's role in the history of Destin.

"I deem Roger as a founding father of the economic system and the local market place. If it weren't for him then there wouldn't have really been the incubation for further advancement of the economy" said John Somers.

As an entrepreneur Roger Clary helped start the Shores Shopping Center and was a founding partner of the First National Bank in Destin.

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