Classes in Bay County Could Start Later in the Day

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Panama City, Fl-- Students in Bay County may get to sleep in a little bit later if the new proposed start time is passed.

One of the many concerns parents have is their child's development during their academic career.

Studies over the past two decades have shown that students function better when they wake up after 8 am, a fact local parent Holli Lasecki could attest to,

"What prompted me to come today is the time changes they are showing for the kids and how very different it is. My daughter went from middle school, from getting to school at 8 o'clock and getting to school at 7 o'clock and it's been a big transition for her and if she was taking a bus she would be getting on the bus at 5:55 to be getting to high school. It's very early and kicking her out of bed is very difficult."

High School Principals in Bay county, like Sandy Harrison, are discussing the pros and cons of starting class later in the day,

"So we are all on the same page as high school principals. I agree with some of what he says and don't agree with some of what he says. On the one hand the later start will allow a little bit more sleep time on the other hand, kids are going to stay up as late as they want to stay up anyway no matter what time school starts."

Principal Harrison was referring to Superintendent Bill Husfelt who was proposing this plan today:
Class will start at 8:30 and end at 3:00 which means after school programs could be affected.

According to Principal Harrison, it should not be a noticeable difference,

"In reality, if the school day ends at 3, it's only going to put the athletes, and the band members and the club members and the choir, and everybody that does stuff after school, it's technically only going to put them off by about 15 or 20 minutes."