Classic Volkswagens On Display in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH - German Metal VW Club is raising money for the Anchorage Children's Home in the 4th annual Beach, Bugs, and Buses show.

The show began 9 A.M. Saturday at Spinnaker's in Panama City Beach where hundreds of classic Volkswagens and buses were on display.

Hundreds of people showed up to vote on which vehicles were the best. Awards were given out to 15 different classes.

German Metal says that the number of people, cars and money grow each year.

"All the people that come from all over, I mean it's just amazing how many people come you know and support us in what we do. It's just a fun time," said Jason Brown of the German Metal VW Club.

The event ended at 6 P.M. and the club is still calculating how much money they raised.