Cleaning Up The Spring Break Image

Bay County Commissioner Mike Thomas, who is also a business owner in Panama City Beach, said many are coming to him with ideas on how to clean up Spring Break.
"We've been getting a lot of push from people in the community, and people call me wanting to change the drinking hours and ban drinking on the beach behind alcohol establishments," Thomas said.
Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman said Spring Break crime is down compared to previous years thanks to better presence of law enforcement, but of course, the majority of crime right now is Spring Break related.
He says disorderly conduct, shoplifting and underage possession of alcohol are the top offenses.
"Anytime you bring 200 thousand kids, you're gonna have more crime,” said Whitman. “With more people here you're going to have more accidents, arrests and crime."
And that image is something that has been hard to shake.
"The problem these last couple years is just the type of person that has been attracted. The TDC and local governments don't attract that,” said Thomas. “It's private businesses that attract that."