Co-workers Help Local Man After Home Burns in Fire

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PANAMA CITY -- One local man is thanking his co-workers for their support after his house went up in flames on Thursday. Workers at the Red Elephant have started a donation drive for him.

Social media has played big role in passing along Walter Canalejo’s story. Ashes is pretty much all that's left of where he used to live.

"I asked one of the neighbors I said 'what’s going on?' They said 'a camper caught on fire' and I’m like 'camper' and ties like 'yeah over by the pond', I was like … and it really surpassed me it was like walked that way and I go running up through there and my whole. I didn't see no flames, nothing so they had it put it out by the time I got there," Canalejo said.

You can see what looks like two trailers, caught on fire, leaving Walter Canalojo without a home.

Employees at the Red Elephant have nothing but good things to say about their co-worker and friend.

Red Elephant Server Krysten Cotner said, "He's just an all-around great guy he does great a this job he's always efficient he gets things done. Any mistakes he'll take care if it right away."

Red Elephant workers quickly began a donation drive using Facebook and Instagram to spread Canalejos story and ask for the community's help.

Canalejo said he's appreciative of all the help but he's just grateful to be alive.

"I ain't asking much I’m not one to…i don't want anybody to say 'oh man this guy' or feel sad for me just be glad that I’m here."

The Red Elephant is taking all types of donations for Walter. So far they have received clothes, furniture and gift cards.

If you wish to donate, you can do so at the Red Elephant Restaurant at 2499 Hwy 77.