Coast Guard Rescues Four Boaters 30 Miles South of Cape San Blas

CAPE SAN BLAS, Fla. Four fisherman are safe tonight after their boat started sinking in the Gulf.

The 55-foot fishing vessel, named the CBS, was about 30 miles south of Cape San Blas when it started taking on water.

The captain used a satellite phone to call his wife, who in-turn called the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard sent a 45-foot response boat, like this one, from the station here in Panama City Beach.

Two aircraft, one from the Coast Guard station in Mobile, and one from Tyndall Air Force Base, also responded.

A Good Samaritan on-board the Jean Marie, picked-up the 4-men in a life raft about 15-minutes after they'd abandoned ship.

The Coast Guard vessel then brought them back to shore.

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