Cold Weather Is Big Business

For visitors, the weather plays the largest role in deciding if those precious tourist dollars will be spent on drinks by the pool or somewhere a bit warmer.

This weeks below average temperatures have brought people away from the water in search of other entertainment. As a result, businesses are seeing some of their busiest days of the season.

Officials at Zoo World, Wonder Works and Coconut Creek say they have been packed the last couple days, and for good reason.

"When it's bright and sunny everyone is at the beach, but if it's cold and windy outside people need something to do. We are about the best thing you can do when it's cold or rainy," said Wonder Work's Kim Roberson.

"So when there is double red flags, or anything that would prevent people from going into the gulf, fortunately they have a fall back for attractions on the beach, like going to Coconut Creek," said co-owner Henry Webber.

With temperatures forecast to be in the 70'sthrough the weekend, vacationers will still have a chance to enjoy the sun before heading home.