Cold Weather Keeps Towing Services Busy

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PANAMA CITY - For most of us, this week's hard freeze has been nothing more than an inconvenience.

Towing services were busy helping stranded motorists who didn't prepare their vehicles.

To say business is booming for garages, auto parts dealers and towing companies would be an understatement.

"The colder weather has really helped our business. So can't complain," said Richard Cook, Battery Supply Manager.

Most local car owners aren't prepared for this sudden drop in temperature, but there are ways you can keep yourself from getting stranded.

"They need to make sure that they have plenty of anti-freeze and that's it's all topped off. You might want to go out 30 minutes before to make sure your car cranks, get your car warmed up, get the ice off," said Hassie White, Whites Wrecker Service Manager.

Warming up your car can also keep you comfortable, but be smart about it.

White said, "I would take your spare key, if your car allows you to do it, and lock your door and lock your door with your car running, that way no one takes off with it."

Experts say never run your car in a closed garage; you could be overcome by carbon monoxide.

It's also important to check your air pressure. If you can't tell if your tire is flat then kick it. If it doesn't bounce back that probably means it's flat.

Cooler temperatures can also take effect your car's battery.

"A lot of batteries that are failing now are older batteries in the car," said Cook.

Experts say check your vehicle battery for corrosion or cracks, and consider a maintenance check.