College Student from Ecuador Recovers After Dog Attack

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - A college student from Ecuador is back at work Thursday in Panama City Beach after she was brutally attacked by a dog around midday Wednesday.

19 year old Ariana Bravo is part of the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program.

Fortunately some nearby witnesses jumped to her aid before she was more severely injured. Some residents are calling for action after the incident.

Panama City Beach resident Lyn Seanor-Powell considers herself a dog lover, but Wednesday her daughter heard screams from a woman outside J&J Enterprises off Moylan Road where she works.

Bay County Sheriff's investigators say this black pittbull mix attacked 19 year old Ariana Bravo while she was riding her bike home from work.

Authorities say the dog bit Bravo several times, tearing part of her right ear, puncturing her neck, and biting the back of her leg and lower back. Seanor-Powell's daughter helped comfort Bravo.

"She sat with her and held her until the EMS showed up. My daughter was covered in blood. The girl was bleeding horribly," said Seanor-Powell.

EMS officials transported Bravo to Gulf Coast Medical Center. She claims the dog has bothered her before.

"The young lady told us the dog has chased her on the bicycle before so it may be something that the dog just that day something triggered him to actually bite her," said Ruth Corley,

Bay County Animal Control officials issued the owner of the dog a citation and impounded the pitbull for 10 days, but residents like Seanor-Powell are say they want authorities to make sure attacks like Bravo's don't happen again.

"She may not even be here today. I mean that dog could have likely killed her and this is what the problem is. You can't have these dogs running wild," said Seanor-Powell.

The owner of the dog claims his animal has never attacked anyone before and has not seen Bravo's injuries.