College Teaches Cyber Forensics

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It's been the topic of TV shows and movies, but cyber forensics actually plays a big role in real life law enforcement.

Now, students at a local college will have the opportunity to learn more about cyber security.

Using specialized software, Associate Professor from Gulf Coast State College, Guy Garrett teaches students how to extract information from computers and other types of technology just like real criminal investigators.

He says cyber forensics is crucial. Often times criminals have items like cell phones, tablets, and computers that could contain evidence.

"The more we move to these portable, mobile devices, the more the evidence we used to look for in the old paper file drawers will be in the computer system," said the professor.

Garrett says the information Gulf Coast students are learning in his class can be vital on a crime scene.

"If you're dealing with a sophisticated individual, it could set off a 'data bomb' that would basically unleash a worm or other types of defenses that would erase the hard drive to a point that you couldn't extract the data at all," said Garrett.

That's not something easily learned from a text book.
Michael Overend says Garrett's hands on teaching style has had several benefits.

"It helped me learn about how to protect my own self, not just law enforcement alone, but how to protect myself against people trying to hack into my stuff," said the student.

GCSC's full cyber forensics course will be available in the fall semester.

For specific questions about the program, contact Guy Garrett at