Comcast Corporation Bans Gun Ads

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Panama City- Jay's Guns and Accessories' Manager Billy Lake claimed firearms are no more dangerous than the car you drive.

"We do the same thing. We sell an inanimate object. It's the person that's the danger, not the gun."

His opinion represented the pro- gun rights side of a heated debate still raging on. And as legislators continue to go at it, someone is getting out of the middle. The cable giant Comcast Corporation announced an end to gun advertisements on its variety of media platforms. From television to radio and the internet, Comcast said it will no longer air ads promoting firearms.

The company made the change earlier this month after a deal that gave it controling interest of NBC Universal. Comcast reportedly claimed the policy shift aligns with other media organizations' guidelines. As you can imagine, most gun advocates don't buy that.

"It's a political motivation. The bigger media tends to be bias towards gun control," Lake said.

Jay's Guns and Accessories told NewsChannel 7 it spends between $3,000 to $5,000 per year on advertising. Without it, Lake said the shop would lose at least 10% of its business."

"We do suffer financially because of those ten percent of walk-in people that we get, a lot of them become lifetime customers."

Money aside, Lake said Comcast's change is moreso what he called disappointing and hypocrytical.

"They would want us to support their right to free speech, but they're not willing to support our right to the 2nd Amendment."

There remains some confusion as to the exact details of Comcast's gun ads ban. Some reports said it will only affect local spots running on national cable channels. NewsChannel 7 was not immediately able to reach Comcast Sunday for a comment.

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