Command Center Alpha Display at Mosley

Students at Mosley High School received some special guests Thursday.

The Air Force set up a semi-truck called "Command Center Alpha" by the Mosley gymnasium and invited students to visit the high-tech world of the United States Air Force.

Students used iPads to interact with several simulators set up within the truck.

The displays included 3-D computer graphics, videos, audio, and digital downloads.

There was also a real F-16 Thunderbirds jet on display.

It's all part of a nation-wide attempt to raise awareness for the Air Force.

Major Adam Love, Marine Corps Senior Marine Instructor, said "They're all coming out with smiles, you know. I mean, it's exposure. It's exposure for these young students to have a good view of the military service, in particular here with the air force."

Staff Sgt. Brian Davis with the Panama City Air Force Recruiting Rep. said "People don't realize all the things that the air force does. Everyone's like, 'oh the air force, well all they do is fly'. Well, no, we actually get way more in-depth than that."

The two-day program will continue Friday at Rutherford High School.