Commissioner Looking For Local Public Access To Shooting Range

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Bay County residents could soon have access to the Sheriff's Office shooting range.

Commissioner Guy Tunnell is suggesting the county open the range near Camp Flowers Road to the public on weekends.

He says building a new public range would cost too much money.

Commissioners voted on Tuesday to send Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen a letter, requesting the public access.

McKeithen says he won't know the full details until he receives the letter.
While he is a big gun advocate, he says he's concerned about staffing the range and booking.

"That range is used by various law enforcement agencies: state, federal and local. On the weekend, it's used for hunter's safety courses. It's scheduled weeks and months ahead of time," said McKeithen.

"My idea was to open this up like on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon for folks to go out and target practice or site their weapons in or those things. I think it will be minimally evasive of the Sheriff's operations," said Tunnell.

No decisions will be made until after commissioners hear from McKeithen.
They may also consider other shooting ranges.

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