Commissioner Resigns During Callaway Commission Meeting

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CALLAWAY -- Callaway is now looking for a new city commissioner. Commissioner David Otano resigned this evening citing personal reasons.

That was just one of the developments coming out of a busy meeting. Tuesday night's meeting was barely underway when Ward 3 City Commissioner David Otano dropped a bit of a bombshell. He said he was stepping down for personal reasons, then he left the meeting.

Otano was in his first term, having won the seat in April 2012.

Callaway Mayor Thomas Abbott said, "I have a lot of respect for Commissioner Otano. He did a very professional job in my opinion serving on this board."

Voters will select a new Ward 3 commissioner during this April’s municipal elections.

The rest of the commission then turned their attention to business. They approved a new ordinance that will require mobile home owners to install skirting within 24 months.

Once skirting is installed you will no longer be able to see what's underneath the mobile home.

Mobile Home Property Manager Douglas Crosby said, "It makes it look better...cleaner. I think it also helps with maintenance better also as far as pipes and under skirting and all the insulation underneath."

Commissioners also heard from residents about a charge on their utility bill that some say is misleading.

The city adds an optional one dollar charge that goes to up-keep and maintenance of the city's parks. But residents say the bill doesn't make it clear the charge is optional.

"I myself don't pay the dollar fee. But I'll be like everyone else. I've paid it for a long time before I even realized it was there because it was just, you kind of go in and you just pay the total amount," said Callaway Resident Janice Jennings.

Commissioners agreed to change the bill beginning next month. That bill will have "yes" and "no" boxes, giving residents the clear option of donating or not.

Commissioners have not yet come up with a fine or punishment for mobile home owners who do not comply with the new skirting ordinance.