Commissioner Wants A Moratorium On Housing

PANAMA CITY-- At least one Panama City commissioner wants to put a moratorium on low income housing developments in downtown Panama City.

It was a hot topic during Tuesday morning's meeting at city hall.

Several people spoke out against commissioner John Kady's suggestion that the commission put a moratorium on development applications for affordable housing in Panama City.

The purpose according to Kady is to allow time for the clarification of existing regulation so that they align with state and federal guidelines.

"Have some confusion in our codes there's some ambiguity in our codes. Also relative to our complain so what I've asked the commission today is to authorize us to look at changes to the code to clarify it. In conjunction with that we're looking at a moratorium where suspension of applications for six months to give us breathing room to hold those public hearings and look at the codes. So that's what we're asking for," Kady said.

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