Commissioners Approve Boat Ramp

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BAY COUNTY Bay County Commissioners passed plans for a controversial new boat ramp, without any controversy.

Earlier this year residents from Crooked Creek were very outspoken against the project, but Tuesday morning's meeting was surprisingly quiet.

The current boat ramp on crooked creek is hardly a boat ramp.

Boaters unload their vessels along a long stretch of dirt road that backs straight onto 388, making for a potentially dangerous situation.

Opponents, who call themselves "Friends of Crooked Creek", have been vocal about their concerns.

Up until a few months ago, they would attend nearly every meeting, leading to scenes.

But Tuesday morning, commissioners awarded a contract for the project without any disruptions.

Even Bay County Commissioner Guy Tunnell says, "I was kind of surprised there weren't any citizens here to speak about it."

The project to construct a boat ramp in this area has been in the works for six years. It wasn't until about a year ago when opponents started voicing their concern, saying it could contaminate the water plus high construction costs.

Commissioner Tunnell says, "Apparently there's still some issue with regard to the group of folks who opposes about what the park facility is going to cost, but I think we've been very conservative with that."

After several proposals, commissioners awarded the lowest bid of $377,468 to Inland Construction and Equipment.

The next step is breaking ground.

A date for the groundbreaking has not been set, but will be sometime next week.
Commissioners hope the construction will be completed by Spring.