Commissioners Push for Interlocal Agreement With Bay Health Foundation

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Bay County commissioners are still trying to work out the kinks for an interlocal agreement with the Bay Health Foundation Board of Trustees. They're hoping the agreement will help them solve some communication problems they're facing as well as ensure the hospital pension fund is able to remain solvent for the future.

"It's more than just a document going over to their office and then coming back to our office. Just to sit down and have a verbal discussion see where we can find some middle ground, see where we can work things out," said Commissioner Bill Dozier.

However, if things aren't worked out, things could fall apart for the pension fund in the future.

'We just want to work it out so the employees will have assurance and protecion in the long run for the pension for the employees," said Dozier.

"We want to make sure that if the pension fund is not shored up that it's gonna be shored up and protected for all those people that expect retirement at some time in the future," said Commissioner George Gainer.

Aside from the agreement, commissioners still believe that having one of their own on of their on the board would be beneficial.

"They don't answer to the people of Bay County, they answer to that board," Gainer said. "With us we have to answer to all the people of Bay County and putting one of us on the board, I don't think is asking for too much."

Commissioner say since the lease of the hospital, the money formerly used to fund the pension has been frozen. They believe the shortfall can be covered by using the money left over from the lease.

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