Community Weighs in on School Safety

28 people, representing a cross section of the community, are serving on the School Safety Task Force.
They will examine the school district’s current security measures and recommend additions, changes and improvements.
While most feel the district's security is better than most others, the group's chairman, Britt Smith, admits there is a need for constant evaluation.
"There's not anyway we can guarantee something happening 100%, but there are measures we can do to help minimize it, so that our children and employees are as safe as they can be," said Smith.
Bay District's surveillance technology is a huge advantage, but most agree technology cannot replace people.
"One thing we definitely need, are our SRO's back,” said Mike Jones, the chief of safety and security. “We need the funding to do that. That's one of the things that will probably be a hot topic, where do we get the money?"
Jones said he hopes the committee will think outside the box and come up with a number of suggestions to improve safety.
"There's not one simple solution,” said Smith. “This is a very complex problem because it's the type of situation, that we have a variety of campuses, some open, some closed. It's going to take a lot of effort from a lot of people."
The task force will hold three more meetings, breaking into smaller groups and discussing safety recommendations.