Local Woman will Soon Move into Dream Home Thanks to the Community

For many, Pam Myers is just a phone call away.
“Ms. Pam is an adorable person,” said Faye Gause, with John Lee Nissan. “And Mr. Jack is correct in saying she will call you every, every day to make sure you're ok."
Myers recently lost her husband, Walter, and has been living alone in a mobile home on Louisiana Ave.
According to friends she kept her home so clean you could eat off the floor, but visitors to the home have noticed mold and leaking problems.
So those she has helped so much, now want to help her get into a new home.
“I met Ms. Pam a few months back,” said Jack Whetstine, the owner of The House That Jack Built. “And in the process of meeting her I realized that this is a lady that has a lot going for her in a sense that she never takes anything for granted and she appreciates everything anyone does for her."
Recently Whetstine drew up plans for Myers' dream home. It is three bedrooms, two baths and have a screened in back porch.
Now it is her friends, neighbors and the community's turn to be a phone call away to make those plans a reality.
"There's so much love that's over flowing. There's even people that aren't here that are giving their love,” said Pam Myers. “Doctors, lawyers, police officers and stuff. Just making sure I have a home. The only thing I can say, again, is, that's God. Nobody but God. I truly thank everybody."
Myers' mobile home was recently hauled off the property and volunteers will soon be breaking ground.
If you're interested in volunteering you can contact Whetstine, at The House That Jack built at 769-3737.

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