Community Helps Couple Who Lost $6,000 Engagement Ring

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PANAMA CITY-- A Panama City couple is celebrating their engagement Friday and they're thanking the community for helping to make it a reality.

Two months ago, Corey Todd hid a $6,000 engagement ring for his girlfriend, Jacelyn Penton, in a pair of old pants.

Weeks later, he found out Jacelyn had accidentally donated those pants and the ring was gone!

The community came together to give the couple the engagement they dreamed of.

We asked Todd how long he'd been planning Friday morning's proposal and he responded, "My whole life. For real."

Panama City resident Corey Todd met his girlfriend, Jacelyn Penton, in middle school.

Todd was in 6th grade, Penton in 8th.

Todd says the moment he saw her, he knew she was the one, saying, "Now 20 years later, I get the chance to marry her so this is a fairy tale."

Two months ago, Todd bought an engagement ring and hid it in a pair of pants, but then Penton accidentally donated them to Goodwill.

As the story of their failed engagement spread, Maharaja's decided to step in and donate a ring.

Todd says, "the hard part is getting down on one knee, and not passing out."

Friday morning, Corey Todd was ready for take-two.

Kind of.

When we asked him what his first thoughts were waking up Friday morning, Todd responded, "Waking up? You mean trying to go to sleep. I haven't - I'm having heat flashes, nervous, stomach turning. I guess that's true love, I guess."

After Corey dropped her off at work at Health South, he went back home, picked up his son, snuck into the Human Resources door of the building, and gave her the surprise of a lifetime.

Penton says, "I always knew we wanted to marry each other, but to have that exact moment when he proposes, and not knowing, it just really hurt me that I probably never feel that way. And I did! Today!"

Jacelyn hopes to set the wedding date for next September.