Community Resource Center in Bayou George Off the Table

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After much debate, the proposed location for the homeless community resource center in Bayou George is now off the table.

The mayor listed several safety concerns that were brought to his attention by Sheriff Frank McKeithen and residents of the Cherokee Heights neighborhood.

One of the concerns raised was the ability to fulfill promises made to the residents of the Cherokee Heights when the Bay County Jail was established.

McKeithen sent a letter to Brudnicki detailing his surprise at the choice of the location as well as concerns that the commitment made to residents wouldn't be fulfilled. "I made a commitment to those residents when the jail was built that we would not release inmates who did not have a ride in order to prevent exactly what the (residents) are anticipating."

Mayor Greg Brudnicki officially announced his recommendation to formally withdraw the location from consideration.

“The resource center people did not do a good enough job informing people. I think the process, they are still going to continue to look for another site, I think the process is going to be a little different as far as making sure that the right people are informed about everything ahead of time and making sure that we don't spin our wheels."

Residents in the area are pleased with the move and the task force is back at the drawing board to determine plans for the location of the facility.

Brudnicki has also resigned from his position as Director of the Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus, Inc as of December 3rd. He says it is a conflict of interest to serve on the board and the City Commission.

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