Community Working Out Together in Support of Brian Piccolo

Brian Piccolo and his family are spending their Monday afternoon together, at the Hope Radiation Cancer Center.
They go almost every day.

You may recognize his name, he is the second cousin of the late Chicago Bears' running back, Brian Piccolo.
They share more than a name.
Brian Piccolo, the football star, died of cancer at age 26.

Now his cousin is fighting stage four esophageal cancer.

"It's done nothing, but get us closer," said Piccolo. "Closer to God and closer to each other."

And Monday night it brings the community closer.

A man that has never met Piccolo planned a fundraiser at "The Rock Pile" athletic center, with all of the proceeds going to Piccolo and his family.

"The goal is to finish the house," said Doug Durham, the owner of "The Rock Pile". "So his kids and wife will have that to live in."

"The Rock Pile" fundraiser includes a cook-out and a silent auction that closes at 8.

"When you pull together, and the cause is selfless, you move mountains," said Durham.

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