Compass Lake Resident Assessment Fees

PANAMA CITY, FL-- "Compass Lake in the Hills" residents will not be paying higher assessment fees.

During Tuesday night's county commission meeting, commissioners rejected a request to raise the annual fee from $135 to $150.

The Owners Association Management wanted the increase to repair and maintain the community's dirt roads. It would have brought in an extra $85,000.

Commissioners decided to take $75,000 from the community's assessment reserves.

Compass Lake Manager, Jon Laymon said, "The money coming from the assessment would have been additional money. This money coming from the reserves is money that has built up over time to replace a fire truck, to replace a dump truck, and we're getting very close to reaching that level and i just do not want to put that money in any sort of jeopardy."

Laymon said he's also hoping to receive some storm damage relief money from FEMA to help repair roads.