Competitive Year for Bay County Housing Market

2013 is shaping up to be a competitive year for the housing market, especially here in Bay County.
Many may still be wary, but it has been close to six years since the market crashed and local contractors and service providers say it will be a good year.
Many local vendors had to leave their jobs and go in search of a new trade, now locally many are finding their way back to the housing market.
"We're cleaning up the lot right here,” said Roy Smiley, the owner of Smiley’s Lawn & Tractor Service. “Getting ready for a couple houses, just cleaning up the lot."
Smiley has been busy for months, working on several projects around Bay County.
Steve Waldman, the owner of K&N Construction had to contact him weeks in advance to make sure he would be available for the job.
"My vendors have been very busy,” said Waldman. “Scheduling them a month out in advance to make sure they're available to build."
They both say that things in Bay County are on an upward swing, and that is bringing many, who got out of the housing market after the crash in 2003, back into the game.
"Things have started to pick up and the builders know things have gotten a little better and they're coming back out and building again," Waldman said.
He added that with things starting to pick back up, now is the time to build if you are thinking about it.
"I wouldn't sit on the fence too long,” said Waldman. “6 months to a year you're going to see a pretty good increase in house prices because of material prices going up."