Concealed Carry Permits to Out of State Residents

Obtaining a concealed carry permit in Florida requires a class and a demonstration you can shoot

The law says anyone who is a U.S. citizen and can pass Florida's background check can get a concealed weapons permit.

The state has issued 121,000 concealed permits to residents of another state. The NRA says many are part-time snow birds.

"People are law abiding no matter where they are. They don't suddenly become bad people when they cross the state line or city or county line," said Marion Hammer.

Pennsylvania recently announced it would stop recognizing Florida issued permits for Pennsylvania residents. Their law says sheriffs MAY issue the permit based on character. Florida says this state SHALL issue a permit if you pass a background check. State Representative Dwayne Taylor wonders what happens after that check.

"But if they're arrested out of state how do we know if they've committed felonies or not," said Rep. Dwayne Taylor.

It is a question that does not have an easy answer. Still Chris Smith worries guns will end up in the hands of bad guys.

"Marion Hammer would say none of these guns are going to people who have criminal backgrounds because we're doing a check"

"They eventually go to people with criminal backgrounds. People with no criminal backgrounds buy the guns in Florida then they wind up, up and down the east coast," said Sen. Chris Smith.

Since its inception, fewer than 7,000 carry permits have been revoked in Florida because someone became ineligible.

The initial cost of a concealed weapons permit in Florida is 112 dollars including a fingerprint and picture fee. The license is good for seven years.