Controversial Mayor Honored at Central Panhandle Fair

PANAMA CITY -- The 2013 Central Panhandle Fair is dedicated to the memory of former Cedar Grover Mayor and Bay County deputy Hildrie Peel who passed away in February 2012.

"He always had a smile on his face," said Fair Manager Bpbn Jophnson. "He was just a great guy. He was a great man. As far as I'm concerned and as far as the fair board is concerned, we didn't see nothing wrong with Hildrie Peel."

In 2003, Peel was found guilty of felony official misconduct and 20 misdemeanor counts of falsifying travel vouchers for an administrative aid.

On the first page of the program is a letter from the fair board, thanking Peel for a life of service.

"Well he worked for the fair for a long time," said Johnson. "He was on the board at one time. He helped us out here every year. He helped us obtain parking."

As for those who think Peel doesn't deserve to be honored at the fair, Johnson continued, "You know if they dig dig dig, they might find where you have done something wrong in the past. You know, that's all. He has always been good to us."

The Central Panhandle Fair starts Monday, September 30th and ends Saturday, October 5.