Controversial Amphitheater Completed

The somewhat controversial outdoor amphitheater at Aaron Bessant Park is complete.
Work crews broke ground last August, despite protests from nearby residents that events at the facility would create more noise, traffic and trash.
Adriana Saba lives near Pier Park and enjoys walking around the new amphitheater .
"Oh, I think it looks absolutely beautiful, I'm so happy to have it here now," Saba said.
In the past, temporary stages were built to hold larger events, the goal was to have something permanent.
Saba was one of the nearby residents that was not upset about possible noise problems, but some of her neighbors were.
Beach City Manager Mario Gisbert said city council members have gone to great lengths to make sure noise will not be a problem.
"We've had great input from the community on things we could do to make the facility meet the community’s needs,” said Gisbert. “We've put restrictions to address those and address some of the neighbors sound concerns."
The city hired a local production company to run some tests.
Gisbert says the amphitheater handled concert condition without violating the current city noise ordinance, or disturbing the neighbors.
"No, I didn't hear anything actually,” said Saba. “I wish I had heard it."
The amphitheater's first scheduled event is the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, it will be April 17-21.
"I sure look forward to seeing the concerts, but we'll have to come here I’m afraid, since we can't hear it at home," Saba said.
There could be another event prior to the jazz festival, but city officials are not releasing any of the details.