Controversial Banner Ads Raising Eyebrows

Banner planes are a big part of the Spring Break campaigns for many local and national businesses, but, a few of the ads this spring are raising eyebrows.

The banner plane companies have differing policies about the ads they tow and where they display them. Some find the advertisement banner for Trojan condoms offensive.

Airsign Inc, a company out of Bronson, Florida has been pulling the banner over Panama City Beach, targeting spring breakers.

An Airsign spokesperson said the company tries to stay away from elementary schools and churches.

Managers at Fort Walton Beach based Boomer Aviation said they do not have that problem because they do not accept controversial ads, but they are taking heat for this one anyway.

"We don't pull controversial banners,” said Jim Jones, the chief pilot for Boomer Aviation. “My boss was just speaking to me about that the other day. He's had to tell people that's not us. We don't do that."

Boomer has been pulling banners over the beaches in Bay, Walton and Okaloosa counties for more than 30 years.

They try to do deals with local businesses. "We've been flying up and down the beach advertising to all the Spring Breakers,” said Jones. “For all the local clubs here on the beach."

While they do occasionally accept contracts from national advertisers, they said they stay away from the controversial ones.