Cookbook Celebrating 100 Years of Woman's Club

Some of the area's best cooks are offering you a taste of their best recipes.

It's part of the Woman's Club of Panama City's 100 Year Celebration.

You might want to mark Sunday November 10th on your calendar.

That's when you'll be able to get a taste of a century of cooking experience.

Woman's Club Member Shirley Newton said, "This is our reveal for our Women's Club Cook Book and it's celebrating our 100 year anniversary."

The title of the cookbook is Celebrating 100 Years of Woman's Club Hospitality.

"On the front is a picture of our brand new entrance that's handicap accessible that we are very proud of," Newton said.

Sunday, not only can you get a copy of the cookbook, but you'll get to enjoy some of its top recipes.

Newton said, "We are revealing the cookbook for the very first time. People have purchased it, but they have not seen so they will have the opportunity to pick up their books and or purchase them."

The last time the Woman's Club put out a cookbook was back in 1935 and each section of this new one has a recipe pulled from that cookbook, but the rest of them are today's.

"Everybody submitted their time honored favorite. There's no ordinary food in here this is just good cooking," Newton said.

Sunday's tasting will have something from every category.

"There will be soups, salads, desserts, main dishes, chicken dish, a salmon dish, chocolate cake," she said.

Recipe Tasting happens Sunday, November 10th at the Woman's Club of Panama City on Cove Blvd. & 6th Street.

It starts at 5 p.m.

Cookbooks are being sold for $20.