Cops Kill Concealed Carry During Emergencies

The next time the National Guard is being called out, evacuating Floridians will not be allowed to carry their guns as if they had a concealed weapon permit.

The carry legislation was moving quickly through the state legislature until the final week, when it screeched to a stop. The reason is the Florida sheriffs.

"They deal with a lot of societal issues and of course a lot of law enforcement issues and I think that the sheriffs weigh in pretty heavily in that and rightfully so, they should," said Sen. John Thrasher, St. Augustine (R).

Hundreds of police marched through the Capital City on Monday, honoring their brethren who died in the last year, and believing the defeat of the legislation may have saved a life.

Fraternal Order of Police President James Preston says opposing the carry legislation was a tough and difficult decision.

"I fully respect the second amendment rights of these folks but, again, during these times of stress, it could lead to accidents and we don't want that to happen," said Preston.

Law enforcement was worried that someone could be evacuating Jacksonville, end up in Tallahassee, and then go out to a night club carrying a gun, with no fear of being arrested.

Supporter Dennis Baxley is disappointed.

"We're definitely a hurricane-prone state that you're not sure you have your second amendment rights together to get your firearm," said Rep. Dennis Baxley, (R) Ocala.

The Carry in an Emergency legislation is expected to be back next year.