Cost Increase for Jackson County School Lunches

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Jackson County Schools officials said, it wasn't that they wanted to raise the price of school lunches, it was that they had to raise the price- per federal mandate.

"We are on the reimbursement, the federal reimbursement program," Jackson County Schools Public Relations Director, Chephus Granberry explained, "and to participate in that, you have to make a good faith effort to bridge the gap between the cost and the reimbursement amount. Therefore, we make these incremental changes in those prices to help close that gap. It's to show that we are working toward making sure the cost and reimbursement matches."

Students at elementary and secondary schools can expect to see a five cent increase at the cafeteria check out line in the 2013 school year.

"Elementary school lunches will be priced at $1.90 each and adult lunches will be $3.05 and secondary school lunches will be $2.15- that's for the students" he said.

But Granberry did say some things would stay the same. Reduced lunches would still cost 40 cents, breakfast would still be served for free and, "the lunches will still be prepared by federal guidelines. And the food service department is working very diligently to make the lunches student friendly, very attractive and very friendly."

Applications for the school lunch program will be available July 1.

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