Cottondale Elementary Third Grade Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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COTTONDALE- This week's Golden Apple winner is a third grade teacher at Cottondale Elementary School. Mary Ellen Prophet was nominated by a parent who writes: "She challenges students to be higher achievers. Kids love her! My Charlie has straight A's in her class and doesn't want to miss school! She truly loves our kids!"

And her kids truly love her! "She is a great teacher," said student Charlie Cutchins. "She is very smart," said Ceddricka Edwards. "She is very nice and has a beautiful voice," said Devon Davis. "She is just a great teacher and the children love being there. When children are happy and love being in a class they will love learning and it will stay there for a lifetime," said Diane Long, Principal of Cottondale Elementary.

A third grade teacher, Mrs. Prophet says this year is crucial for students because they're constantly in building mode. "Third grade is when you really have to learn the foundation that will propel you to the next level. So there are a lot of concepts to learn and develop in third grade that will make them a stronger 4th grader," said Mrs. Prophet. "She takes thinking to the next level. She makes them take the skill that she just taught and work it into everyday life," said Principal Long.

She knows children learn differently, and utilizes unique strategies to reach each one. "It's really my job to tap into that learning mode to find out what motivates them, how they learn. Are they a kinesthetic learner, a visual learner, sometimes a multi-tasked learner, so I need to get into their head and find out what makes them tick," said Mrs. Prophet.

Congratulations to Mrs. Prophet, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "I love what I do, to receive recognition for something you love, it's almost like cheating because I get paid for this and I have fun everyday!"