Cottondale High School English Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award

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Cottondale - This week's Golden Apple Award winner teaches 9th and 11th grade English at Cottondale High School. You could say Mrs. Brock is something of a teaching legend. Having taught at both the elementary and high school levels, some of her former students are now teaching alongside her.

"I love my job. I taught elementary for many years, I don't even want to say how many," laughed Sheryl Brock. Now an English teacher at Cottondale High School, you need only walk down the hall to see her impact first hand. "This year 3 of my former students have come back and are employed here at our school and I am just so proud of them," she said.

In fact former student Tara Jurgonski was recently named "Rookie Teacher of the Year." She says she is still learning from Mrs. Brock. "In observations, when I would go and watch her classroom, she just kind of goes in and gets things done so I try to model myself after that in my classroom as well," said Tara. "She is the teacher that sets the bar for everyone else," said principal Jennifer See. "When you are looking at who needs to be doing what and how well they need to be doing it. she is my standard, she is my go to," said Mrs. See.

Students respond well to her interactive teaching strategies. "She lets us work in groups a lot so that is also fun and just the way she teaches, she makes it easier for you to understand it," said 11th grader Chantel Bellamy. "In her class it's more interactive student/teacher kind of thing," said fellow student Jacob Melcher. "She is a very caring teacher who always makes sure that she assists the students whenever they need help with anything in class," said Michael Gallon.

"I want them to become proficient in the skills we are required to teach, the Common Core standards are important. Those standards help the students become college and career ready," said Mrs. Brock.

Congratulations to Mrs. Brock, this week's Golden Apple Award winning teacher. "I would like to tell Mrs. Brock thank you for making me a better student in English," said Michael. "Congratulations and thank you Mrs. Brock," said Brandy Sloam.