Cottondale Students Volunteer at Panama City Rescue Mission

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PANAMA CITY -- This is Future Farmers of America, or FFA, week. Cottondale High School is using the occasion to help the community.

FFA students volunteered to help serve lunch at the Panama City Rescue Mission today.

Miranda Sapp is a sophomore at Cottondale High School. She's been a part of the Future Farmers of America for three years now.

"I feel like this organization has taught me more about giving back to my community with the agricultural aspect," Sapp said.

Community service is part of their school's agricultural program.

FFA Advisor Stan Scurlock said, "Most of these students they've grown up in Cottondale that's all they know, this just gets them out of Cottondale, Cottondale High School…Jackson County. They get to participate in community service projects but regardless of what it is, whether its contest based, its AG education program."

The homeless at Rescue Mission feel that having the students help serve lunch gives them a sense of the real world.

Terry Johnson homeless, said, "Just open their eyes.."to what?"
"What's actually around them and see how some people you know with the economy, people are homeless."

With ten students serving lunch they all had the same thought in mind, to be able to give back to their community.

"I think they'll appreciate it because were kind of just helping people who can't really help themselves that much,” FAA Student Colby Hargrove.

Students like Sapp are glad to be a part of a team.

"We're all about community service and giving back to the community, community service and helping our community out any possible way we can,” Sapp said.

FFA week started on February 15th and ends February 22nd.