Could Hannity Report Force Spring Break Changes?

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Community leaders have been meeting after spring break each year to discuss how they can improve for next year.

But after all this negative coverage, some residents say it may be time for spring breakers to find another place to party.

Monday's Hannity report really upset Atlanta resident and Panama City Beach condo owner Darrell Sellers.

"When I purchased my condo in 2008, the TDC said they were going to stop marketing to spring breakers and that has not happened. As a result, property values have suffered and spring break has gotten worse," said Sellers.

Out of their $15 million annual budget, Bay County Tourist Development Council officials said they only spend $100 thousand on spring break marketing.

Some want that to stop completely, but it won't keep individual businesses from paying for their own marketing campaigns.

"It's really not, I don't think, the government's place to be telling you who you can market to and who you can't," said PCB Mayor Gayle Oberst.

Restaurant owner Bill Buskell wants authorities crack-down on under age drinking.

"Alcohol, that's the product they are selling. It's the only reason they come here," said Buskell.

Others believe Panama City Beach should follow former spring break meccas like Ft. Lauderdale and Daytona beach, in passing open container laws for the beaches.

"If you could no drink on the beach then nobody would come here for spring break, but I personally think that might be a little bit extreme," said Sellers.

"You do that and sometimes you penalize a lot of good people and you send somebody away that might not be a spring breaker. That's a law you'd have all year," said TDC chairman Buddy Wilkes.