Could Springfield be dissolved?

SPRINGFIELD, FL-- Mayor Ralph Hammond opened Monday's workshop meeting laying-out the severity of the city's money woes and their options.

"So this is a step, to make the future of Springfield, or make the closure of it, and personally, I don't go for the second option," said Hammond

Springfield has run up a nearly 2 million dollars of debt since 2009.

Some believe a property tax is the only way to save the city. Some citizens say they'd rather dissolve the city than pay higher taxes. Others can't imagine life without a Springfield.

"I love Springfield, it’s a great town and it's got terrific people. Sure I'd hate to see it dissolve," said longtime resident Gerald Loyther.

By the end of the meeting, Hammond seemed intent on implementing a property tax, "I don't care if it takes 5 workshops. We are going to sit down and get our head together and come up with a good figure for the property appraiser and have it to him by the first of June."

Commissioners will discuss millage rates at one of those future workshops.