Council Responds to City Clerk Resignation

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Another heated meeting Tuesday night in Mexico Beach when council members discussed city clerk Debbie McLeod's recent resignation.

McLeod claims she quit because because she was being harassed and intimidated by a council member, revealed to be Tanya Castro, however Castro says she had no idea there was a problem.

"I spent 30 years in the corporate world managing people and I've never had any allegations of wrongdoing made against me," said Castro.

McLeod has tendered her resignation, but is staying on until the city finds a new clerk.

Castro challenged McLeod's accusation and expressed disappointment the city won't be investigating the claims.

"Even though you've made allegations against upper management, just hang around and we're just gonna - we're not gonna investigate it, but we're gonna continue to let you stay," said Castro in the worskshop meeting. "I don't think it's fair to the employee and I don't think it's fair to the person being accused. I think it should be addressed, I think it's a serious matter, and I would like for t to be addressed."

However, not all the officials agreed with her.

"She's leaving, she resigned," said mayor Al Cathey. "She certainly has a right to say that. An investigation, for me, is certainly not necessary."

The city attorney agreed with Cathey saying it isn't necessary or fair for the city to conduct it's own investigation, that prompted others to suggest an outside investigation, but the council did not take any action.

The city has placed ads in publications and websites for a new city clerk. They hope to discuss the pool of applicants next week.