Councilman Removed by Governor

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MALONE, Fla. Gov. Rick Scott took care of some house-keeping business Friday, getting rid of an area town councilman.

The Governor officially removed Fred Lee Jones from his position as a Malone Town Council Member.

On December 18th, a judge sentenced Jones to 11-months and 29-days in the Jackson County jail for his involvement in a stolen car ring. Sheriff's investigators arrested Jones in March for stealing vehicles in the Malone area, then selling them elsewhere.

2-of the vehicles showed up at a salvage yard in Seminole County, Georgia.

The governor suspended Jones from the Malone council after his arrest.

In October, a jury found Jones guilty of four counts of grand theft auto, four counts of dealing in stolen property and one count of misuse of public office for personal gain.

So, the governor permanently removed jones from office.

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