Country Music Superstar Films Music Video on Local Beaches

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BAY COUNTY - Country music artist Luke Bryan is no stranger to Panama City Beach.

He's been coming to the beach since he was in college and has been hosting free spring break concerts for six years.

He's now spotlighting the beaches in his latest music video.

From his days at Georgia Southern to touring the country, Luke Bryan has a special place in his heart for the Panama City area.

He's incorporated local places into his song lyrics, especially on his Spring Break cds. The video for latest single "Roller Coaster" is making a lot of noise on YouTube.

Bryan and his crew shot the video for this "summer love" ballad back in March while he was here for the spring break concerts.

Bay County Film Commissioner Julie Gordon says, "What's funny is he normally picks the same locations that he likes to hang out and those are the state parks. He loves the St. Andrew's State Park and so we shot there the last couple years in a row. We also shot his 30 minute promo on why Luke Bryan loves to come to Panama City beach. We shot there again this year. We also shot at Camp Helen which was an incredible different location."

Bryan and his crew taped from one end of the beach to the other, even crossing over to Walton County where they used one of Luke's favorite eateries, The Red Bar over in Grayton Beach.

Philipe Petit is a co-owner of The Red Bar and said, "Well, Luke Bryan has been coming to The Red Bar for a few years as a patron and a couple months ago we received a phone call from a production company that asked us 'Luke Bryan is shooting a video on 30A and if they could if they could shoot a segment at The Red Bar and we said 'Of course, we'd be very honored!"

When asked if Bryan had a favorite dish, Philipe said, "He loves the crab cakes and the penne chicken, I know that for sure."

Only a week into its release and Roller Coaster is not even the last music video shot in our area. Colt Ford just wrapped up a shoot a couple weeks ago.

The crew also shot a second music video over at St. Andrew's State Park. No word when it will be released.