County Commissioner Proposes Business License Ordinance

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County Commissioner Cindy Meadows wants to add Walton County to the list of Florida counties requiring businesses to have an occupational business licenses.

"It requires actually requires businesses of course to come in and pull a license for nominal fee typically and it allows them to register in the county" said County Commissioner Cindy Meadows.

That fee would not be more than thirty dollars. Meadows says the program will help keep track of the number of businesses operating within the county.
It will also help ease any safety concerns.

"I know from some of the discussions I’ve had with Cindy it's just an issue of making sure that those businesses that are in the correct zoning area for businesses. And for safety reasons just to make sure that we have businesses operating in an area where it's safe for them to operate" said Walton Area Chamber CEO Kellie Jo Kilberg.

The proposal is still in its infancy and Kilberg says the chamber will consult with its members before taking a position.

"So we'll be doing a survey out to our members asking for their input on this issue and understanding what it would mean to them as well as educating them on the ordinance and what is being proposed by the county" said Kilberg.

Meadows believe the new program would help the county towards its goal of continued an economic growth.

Commissioners will discuss the proposal at Tuesday’s county commission meeting.