County Road 30A Could Open as Early as Next Week

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Detour signs still direct drivers around this section of County Road 30A, near Big Red Fish Lake, after flood waters washed it out in mid-August.

County officials thought their only option would be to build a new bridge, which could take a year or more.

But now they say workers have uncovered the true extent.

"Iinitially when we first saw the damage right after the storms we certainly thought it was worse than it actually was. What they are finding out now is that it isn't as bad as they thought it was,” said Louis Svehla, Public Information Officer for Walton County.

Now they say they could have repairs done and the road reopened in as little as one week.

Those business owners near the site are grateful, but also skeptical.

"Two days ago we were told it was going to be six months. Then last night all of a sudden we hear we can get it fixed in a couple of days. Why couldn't they figure this out in august right when the flood happened, or right before labor day and now the season is virtually over,” Gail Underwood, Owner of Treasure in Paradise.

County officials understand those concerns, but say they were more worried about drivers' safety.

“To be able to move at the pace we are now, we are excited we will get to open that up. But we just didn't want to make a bad situation even worse by trying to do something overly quick and then have something worse happen,” stated Svehla.

County officials say they still plan to build the new bridge, but now have more time to plan the construction.

That project will require crews to shutdown 30A during some of the construction.