County Wide Broadband Internet May Come to Walton County

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WALTON COUNTY-- We use it for things like checking on the latest news, doing research, or catching up with friends.

The internet is a tool that many of us who live in developed communities take for granted, but for some in rural areas, that tool is limited. Now, Walton County leaders are trying to change that.

They're hoping to provide broadband internet to these outlying communities as well. "Our rural communities are not attractive enough for these telecommunication companies to invest in the infrastructure. Not just in Walton County-but this is nationwide. But as a county we want to provide them with that high speed internet because of the benefits that come with it,” said Rick Wilson, Projects and Programs Manager for Walton County.

Some of those benefits include education for residents, and introducing farmers to new technology. District 4 Commissioner Sara Comander has been talking about this idea for months.

Now it's up to county leaders to move the idea forward. "This group is going to look at a multitude of solutions. They are going to see what is out there. Not only what is going to be most cost effective, but also what is going to be the best solution,” said Louis Svehla, Public Information Officer for the county.

Crews will also be looking for places to build base stations; basically hubs where the internet transmits to people's homes and businesses.

County leaders will apply for grants to help pay for the project. "It would cost about $10,000 to $20,000 per location depending on what type of location it is if we had do to any sort of build out, security, and things of that nature,” said Wilson.